MJ's WalkAbout Guidelines
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WALKABOUT: [wôk a bout'] n. 1. a leisurely journey to get to know an area.

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We are looking for the story that won't let us know we are reading all the way to the end. Don't transport us back where we came from until we're ready.

Writers can send us any kind of Fiction but smut, abusive behavior, or profanity. We're especially looking for adventures. Keep stories under 1000 words unless you consent to have it serialized. We do not accept Poetry at this time.

Nonfiction should be kept under 900 words. But we are flexible. Humorous essays, travel pieces, different adventures, and places to go, people to see, and things to do, are what we publish. EXTRA! EXTRA!. MJ's WalkAbout newspaper segment, reports what's happening in different cultures, places, minds, realities, and stations.

Book, Video/Film, and Comic Book Reviews have no word restrictions. Just say what has to be said. Don't forget to use our Movie Review System our Book Rating System and our Comic Book Rating System

E-mail submissions should be addressed to the editor: Em Jay. Write 'Nonfiction', 'Fiction Submission', or 'Review' in the subject line as the case may be. Expect a 'receipt' for your submission. If we do not confirm that we received your submission, please contact us or resubmit your work. We do not read attachments. We only ask for one-time electronic rights, and the right to Archive Reviews (with link-updating privileges granted to the author). We work hard to give you a beautiful page, along with your bio and one link. After your work is published at MJ's WalkAbout, you are free to submit your work elsewhere.