MJ's WalkAbout Rating System for Comic books

---Four medals go to the comic book that's so packed with heart-palpitating action that you'll need a doctor to start you on a steady diet of comic books. You will be captivated by the writer's characters and dialog, the artist's rendition of atmosphere and action, as well as, the editor's progression of plot. A collector's item!

---A comic book that earns three medals is one that has an element missing. The flaw could be an overworked plot, writing that obviously has no where to go, shallow characters, trite humor, stupid bickering for the sake of conflict, poor artwork, or a confusing plot.

--A two-medals comic book may have popular characters in starring rolls, but the writers couldn't get oxygen to the characters on time, and the artists had the day off. It still might be worth buying if you've already starting collecting the series, or if you're mad about the characters.

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