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Africa Screams
By Hector C. Garza

Starring: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
Filmed in: 1949

This is an oldie from the '40's. Abbott and Costello work at a book store. Three people come into the store the same day to ask for the same book. Each of them want the map that's included in the book.

The store no longer has the book in stock. Since Costello claims to have memorized the map, Abbott wants to cash in on the chance to make some money when each of the 3 customers offer to pay for a copy of the map. Then Abbott gets an even better idea. Don't give them the information unless the comedy team can go to Africa. Yes, it's off to Africa they go.

The plot is easy to follow as the comedians follow different trails into the jungles of the Dark Continent, including one made of diamonds, the real treasure in this hunt. And what African adventure would be complete without animals? There are lots here, including the gargantuan gorilla that takes Costello under his paw.

The slapstick routines of this team are classic and hilarous for veterans of Abbott and Costello movies and rookies alike. The scene where Costello eats while trying to tell his comrades that the gorilla is in their midst will get the belly laughs, alright.

There are a couple of treats for baby boomers as well. Great white hunters, two of the Stoogies, Max Baer's (Jethro from THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES) father, and a satisfying ending that will sooth the savage beast, as it were.

Parents can relax, and kids can enjoy AFRICA SCREAMS.

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